Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance For Residential & Commercial

We can maintain and repair any type of sprinkler system no matter who installed it!

Our Sprinkler System Monthly Maintenance program includes but is not limited to the following;

  • check all sprinkler heads to make sure they are working properly.  Even a slight malfunction will cause dry spots in your lawn and unhealthy plants.
  • check for leaks in the lines.
  • check for proper head alignment. They can shift by a slight touch with feet or lawnmowers.
  • check for nozzles and heads for breakage and warped patterns.
  • adjust and align all heads for optimum coverage.  Making sure no water is being wasted on sidewalks, driveways, your home, patios, and the street.  Tilted heads  or heads that don’t pop up properly will cause dry spots.  Heads should be raised a couple times (sometimes more) a year to ensure they are keeping above the grass.
  • program the controller for proper watering times.  The slightest power surge can cause havoc with some sprinkler controller.  As the seasons change so does the need of water to your various plants and lawn.
  • Checking sensitive micro irrigation zones and emitters.
  • We are trained to determine and calibrate the water to your different plants and grass.

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