Sealcoating Benefits For Residential & Commercial

Sealcoating is an investment with many benefits, including some you can immediately see. For one, a black and clean rich look is achieved with a surface that is easier to maintain year round. The major unseen benefits that will save you money include a longer lifespan of your pavement through the prevention of oxidation. Your asphalt will be more resistant to gas, oils, grease and other damaging substances. In fact, studies and experience shows that pavements that are sealcoated on a regular 1 to 2 year cycle are still in excellent condition after 15 years, while untreated pavements are ready for an overlay after just seven years.

Asphalt Maintenance by Sealcoating and Crack Sealing

Asphalt is a man made substance that is manufactured utilizing a combination of several ingredients such as dried crush rock, stone or gravel and asphalt cement, a product of the oil industry which is a made out of petroleum compounds. Despite its durability, asphalt is subject to stress, wear and tear, ice and inclement weather, and penetration by substances such as oils, grease, sand and salt which can lead to a breakdown in asphalt’s components and base foundation resulting in deterioration, cracks and potholes over time.

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Parking lot asphalt pavements are even more susceptible to damage as a steady stream of oil in the same spots seep though the surface and damage or soften the base foundation, resulting in potholes. Seal-coating is designed to protect your pavement and increase its lifespan by creating a barrier between the asphalt surface and harmful, destructive substances.

At COMPLETE PROPERTY MAINTENANCE OF PINECREST Sealcoat department we follow a strict process to provide you with the highest quality seal-coating service available. Here is an example of the process we would follow when seal-coating an asphalt pavement

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  1. Inspection Phase – Before a seal-coating, we inspect the pavement and mark any cracks in the pavement.
  2. Cleaning and Preparation – To create an optimal adhesive surface ready to receive treatment, we clean the entire pavement to remove debris such as sand and salt which can inhibit a strong bond between the pavement and sealant.
  3. Crack Sealing – Sealing cracks before application stops current damage in its place and prevents the potholes of the future. Using a heated crack and joint sealant which is poured and filled into breaches and openings of the pavement, we are able to prevent future damage while creating an ideal surface for the sealant.
  4. Actual Sealcoating Application – A coal tar emulsion is used and once applied will immediately increase the lifespan of your pavement.

that is in moderately good condition:

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